Beefalo Meat Experience

Whitsunday Beefalo: "from the paddock to the plate"

All our animals are born and bred on our Whitsunday Property BEEFALO VALLEY, Duval Road. They are grassfed, have never had any hormonal implants and are  free of chemical residues.  

We are Cattlecare accredited and get audited once a year.                                                                                             


Tasting Beefalo meat (17% Bison or more) is a great eating experience.

Beef can be tender, tasty and juicy, but its quality depends on the breed and possibly the diet the animals were on prior to slaughter. People wanting good beef usually opt for grain fed beef, which is not really very good for you.

The bison infusion enhances the quality of beef as the bison seems to bring out the best in beef.

With BEEFALO the eating experience is guaranteed! Beefalo meat is


But Beefalo meat is also


Scientific studies show that nutrition has a big influence on the fatty acids in meat. Grain versus grass: grain increases the saturated "bad" fats in meat, whereas grass increases the unsaturated "good" fats.

Grassfed Beefalo is lean and the remaining fat is high in OMEGA 3, the "good"fat.


It has more of the good things and less of the bad things:

Good eating, healthy eating, that's BEEFALO!

 You can get Beefalo locally: we sell it at the Airlie Beach Markets on Saturday and directly from the farm. 

We are very fortunate and honoured to be able to work with Julia and Shane: they have the same standards and expectations and only sell the best.

Check out their website - - or give them a call: Julia 0450 439 555, Shane 0409 062 161          


Whitsunday Beefalo = clean, green, no chemical residues or hormones!

How to cook Beefalo: Beefalo tends to cook faster than ordinary beef. So - when frying, grilling or roasting, cook beefalo for a shorter time than you would beef for maximum taste and tenderness.

Anything you can do with beef you can do with Beefalo - stir, fry, grill, roast or pot-roast.

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