Whitsunday Berkshire Gold - certified free range pork


"from the paddock to the plate"


"In breeding circles, Berkshire Pork is known as “Berkshire Gold”. Berkshire Pork is an exceptional product. It is widely considered to be the Wagyu of the pork world. A study conducted by the National Pork Producers Council (U.S.A) concluded that Berkshire pigs top all other breeds in such categories as meat marbling, moisture and tenderness.

It is the favourite pork of the Japanese: they call it Kurobuta

Berkshire pigs are a heritage breed, the livestock equivalent of heirloom tomatoes. Named for the region in England where they were discovered by Oliver Cromwell’s army more than 300 years ago. Though genetically blessed, Berkshire pork is as much a product of nurture as nature. While industrial pigs generally subsist on corn and pig pellets with blood and bone, Whitsunday Berkshire hogs dine on feed with no fish- or meatmeal, supplemented with molasses, vegetable ,milk and fresh eggs. They roam freely in paddocks and graze, digging up roots, rolling in fresh dirt.

Whitsunday Berkshire Gold have 6 breeding sows with normally 2 litters/year. The piglets get weaned at 2 months of age and grow to roughly 60 kg liveweight in 5 to 6 months.


“A pig tastes what it eats”, a long known fact. There is a crucial link between a pig’s diet and its flavour. Free range Berkshire pork has a rich, sweet flavour, delicate texture and its juiciness is unbelievable.

The only way to find out how good Berkshire pork tastes is to try it.


Raising Berkshire pigs we have the same philosophy as with our BEEFALO: they are raised naturally, graze and root in the paddock and have their young wherever their instinct tells them, either out in the field or in their comfortable shed on a hay bed. We don't believe in locking them up, have them give birth in a farrowing pen or keep them on concrete. The piglets stay with mum for 60 to 80 days

Their diet contains NO MEAT- OR FISHMEAL and is free of any restricted animal materials. They get lots of fresh vegetables and farm eggs.

We sell suckers at 2 months of age, ready to go grower pigs to be home slaughtered, grown pigs and breeders directly to the public  and

"from the paddock to the plate" pork at the "Airlie Beach Markets" every Saturday and from the farm gate.



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