Calves 2001

Apart from 1 Brahman cross calf, all the 2001 calves are Beefalo calves. We have our first F 2 calves, that is 2nd generation Beefalo calves (around 28% Bison) and our first fullblood Beefalo bull (37.5% Bison) from our imported American heifer 'Sweet Sue'.

Xtra Thunder (42% Bison) has been very busy and we got some A.I. calves as well. Here is a small selection:

Midnight Glory (A.I.),

our first fullblood Beefalo bull!

Dam: Sweet Sue (fullblood)

Sire: Midnight (fullblood),

a black bull

Thaddaeus (17.45% Bison, A.I.)

Dam: Braford

Sire: Evanston (35% Bison)

Doubledot, an F1 bull out of a Devon/Brahman cow.

Sire: XtraThunder

  Venus (A.I.), just born. Within 10 minutes she was up and drinking...

dam: Daisy a Brahman cow with a touch of Friesian.

Sire: Cody (34.9% Bison)


Ebony, an F2 heifer (28% Bison) out of Ayiana (17,45% Bison). Both mum and daughter are pitchblack!

Sire: Shaq (fullblood=37.5% Bison)

We finally got a few Beefalo heifers we can breed up and one F 2 (28%) Beefalo heifer (Ebony).

We are going to keep DoubleDot and Thaddaeus as both are very good calves. We have plans to use them in our Beefalo program... We'll tell you more about it next year.