There is no best breed to cross with Beefalo. Any breed gains from the hybrid vigour Beefalo offers. You breed with your favourite breed, be it Holstein, Murray Grey, Brahman, Angus, Droughtmaster… With the improved meat quality, the low birth weight, the foraging quality of your progeny and the enhanced milking ability of your F 1 heifers if you decide to breed on with them, you win with any breed you choose


Yes and no. 

Yes, if you want to breed because of the hybrid vigour of the future bull and his phenotype qualities.

No if you still want to breed Beefalo. Your offspring being around 18% Bison, his progeny would be only 9% if bred to a bovine female. Under 17% Bison the meat is no longer classified as beefalo meat.

Yes, if you mate him with another F1 Beefalo. You then get Beefalo beef again.


They certainly are! Beefalo, like Bison, are very hardy, vigorous animals that do well under almost any conditions. They are foragers and will go looking for fodder anywhere. They have a slightly different digestive system to cattle and can convert roughage better than cattle.

The following examples illustrate the advantages of  Beefalo: In Southern Florida where the climate is tropical and the land mostly sandy and very poor, the only breed doing well are the Beefalo.

In Brazil tests have shown that Beefalo do very well in very rough country where Bos Taurus cattle don't even survive. Brahman/Beefalo crosses do even better. Which shows that any breed crossed with Beefalo enhances its good points!

In the Midwest of the USA Beefalo calves are born in the middle of winter in subzero temperatures and they are thriving. Beefalo milk is very rich.



Beefalo enhances any bovine breed by infusing Bison characteristics which will make the animals thrive under almost any conditions. The meat is lean, tasty, tender and healthy. With Beefalo you get to-morrow’s meat to-day!



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