Recipes and cooking advice for red meat

Low heat cooking

Low temperature cooking means that the meat is cooked at low heat (between 70 and 80 degrees) over a longer time. The protein in the meat doesn't coagulate and the juice can circulate within the meat. The meat stays juicy and tender and the cut hardly shrinks.

Beefalo is meant to be cooked slowly, but also beef, chicken breast and lean lamb are suited for this low heat cooking. Try the following recipe or any roast. You'll love it!


Stuffed Beefalo Fillet on Red Wine Gravy

100ml of red wine                                                              
2 twigs of estragon
50g of butter
40g bread crumbs
600g Beefalo Fillet uncut
4 thin slices of ham

Gravy (done your usual way)
50g of carrots and leak (chopped)
one spring onion (chopped)
1 clove of garlic
1 teasp. butter
a quarter of a teasp.tomato paste
200ml red wine
200 ml beef broth
3 twigs of estragon
3-4 tablesp.Madeira or Port wine

Thicken the red wine together with the estragon to
4 tablesp. Cool liquid. Beat the butter and
mix with red wine sirup and bread crumb
add pepper and salt. Cut the Beefalo fillet
lengthwise to the middle and open.
Put ham slices on top and add filling,
rolling it into the ham. Shut fillet
and tie with kitchen twine

Preheat oven to 80degrees Celsius.
Season fillet with pepper and salt.
sear meat in butter for 8 minutes,
put on baking sheet and cook for
80-100 minutes, depending
how pink you want your meat

Cut in thick slices and serve
with gravy.