Why breed Beefalo?


Advantages of Beefalo & Beefalo Facts



Advantage #1

FORAGING ABILITY: Without question, the definite fact that the Beefalo has inherited the buffalo digestive system is the single most important advantage of the Beefalo. The buffalo ancestry has imparted to the hybrid Beefalo the ability to more efficiently convert roughage into a high quality meat than can ordinary beef cattle. Today the Beefalo is the only animal which can produce an acceptable, high quality beef product and produce it strictly from roughage with little or no grain.

Apparently, there is a different enzymatic reaction inside the rumen of Beefalo which affects the bacterial production. This alteration in bacteria formation permits the breakdown of more nutrients out of roughage which are subsequently absorbed in larger quantities into the blood stream.

This unique characteristic can be observed in newborn Beefalo calves. Many Beefalo producers have noticed their calves actively seeking and consuming roughage at three days of age. Beefalo calves then are born with a functioning rumen virtually at birth.


Advantage #2

CALVING EASE: One of the worst problems to battle is overcoming calving difficulty, especially in first-calf heifers. Because bison cows are designed by nature to throw very small calves, so do Beefalo; they characteristically produce a smaller calf at birth.
Beefalo calves range in birth weight mostly from 27 35 kg. Slight variations depend on certain Beefalo bulls and the type of dam bred to Beefalo. The substantial reduction in calving difficulty that results from breeding to Beefalo is a major advantage to the breed. Many Beefalo breeders breed all first-calf heifers to Beefalo solely for this reason.
This feature, when combined with the Beefalo calves extra heartiness and vitality at birth, simply lowers the calving mortality rate.


Advantage #3

HARDINESS:The hair count per square inch on Beefalo offspring is more dense than that of beef cattle. The density advantage has caused Beefalo to appropriately be termed as having "fur" rather than hair. This fur is thicker and finer than that of beef cattle. To the producers who raise cattle in areas where the temperatures dip to freezing and beyond, this protective coat of the Beefalo allows these animals to shield themselves against colder temperatures without other shelter. In turn, it reduces heat loss or lowers the maintenance energy required.
Beefalo also have open pores in their skin, as does the buffalo. This ability to cool their entire body during extremely hot periods is unique, relative to other cattle (except the Brahman). The ability of the Beefalo to be more comfortable during periods of temperature extremes (hot and cold) allows them to remain more comfortable. And when an animal is more comfortable, it gains better.

Advantage #4

FERTILITY: Proper balance of bison and bovine genetics creates a fertile animal for natural service and artificial insemination. Beefalo bulls show greater physical and sexual stamina than do ordinary beef cattle resulting in a greater number of conceptions in the cow's first heat cycle.


Advantage #5

STRONG HYBRID VIGOUR: Beefalo's strong hybrid vigour helps it to gain more rapidly than ordinary beef cattle. These benefits are derived from years of natural selection on the bison side and accumulative breeding on the domestic side.




Fact #1

BEEFALO IS NOT AN EXOTIC BREED--You may sell Beefalo as beef and not declare the bison content, but not vise-versa.


Fact #2

BEEFALO DO NOT NECESSARILY LOOK LIKE BISON--It is hard to visually see the difference between Beefalo and bovine, however you can feel the differences in the "fur" of the Beefalo (see advantage #3).


Fact #3

BEEFALO ARE DOCILE AND MANAGEABLE ANIMALS--Beefalo do not inherit the wild temperament of the American Bison. Beefalo are incredibly calm and quiet animals.


Fact #4

THE PERFORMANCE OF BEEFALO MEAT CONSISTENTLY TOPS THE RANKS OF BEEF! -- Significant market testing has proven that Beefalo produce is chosen virtually 99% of the time over even the very best beef. Beefalo beef has become the meat of choice for gourmet chefs in some of the world's finest restaurants.


Fact #5

BEEFALO MEAT HAS MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT AND LESS OF WHAT YOU DON'T--Beefalo meat is higher in protein, calcium and moisture; and lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than ordinary beef .




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